SharePoint Pod Show: 100,000 Downloads Later!

 We have largely been doing the SharePoint Pod Show largely to entertain ourselves and have been very lucky to have a lot of really great guests on the show.  We have great fun doing each show and hope that comes through loud and clear in every episode.

Over the course of the show (about 9 months now), We have been loosely monitoring the number of downloads and have noticed a trend that is still quite surprising: a lot of people are downloading the shows!  When we did the counts earlier this week, we are happy to say that we have now crossed 100,000 show downloads.  We are quite humbled by this and will continue to bring solid content to the community and add value to your overall SharePoint experience.

Thanks to all of our guests that helped make this possible (listed in order of appearance):

  • Eric Shupps
  • Rob Bogue
  • Patrick Tisseghem
  • Bill English
  • David Mann
  • Mike Fitz
  • Andrew Connell
  • Arpan Shah
  • Jeremy Thake
  • Rickard Lofberg
  • Todd Bleeker
  • Ted Pattison
  • Shane Young
  • Todd Klindt
  • Andrew “ZZZ” Woodward
  • Spence Harbar
  • Chandima Kulathilake
  • Mark Orange
  • Matt Smith
  • Michael Noel
  • Brad Smith

And finally, thanks to the faithful listeners of the show who really help us drive the direction of the shows.  The SharePoint lifestyle is a very unique way of life and we will continue to provide great quality shows to help get you through the day…We’re all in this together!


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